I like killing people because it is so much fun. It is more fun than killing wild game in the forest, because man is the most dangerous animal of all. To kill something is the most thrilling experience. It is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl. The best part of it is that when I die, I will be reborn in paradise and all that I have killed will become my slaves. I will not give you my name because you will try to slow down or stop my collecting of slaves for my afterlife.

Léa Seydoux by Bruno Dayan

I’m so embarrassed, I’m not a real person yet.
 - Frances Ha (2012) dir. Noah Baumbach  


Get to know me meme — [3/10] current celebrity crushes: Michael Fassbender

"It’s more interesting isn’t it, if I’ve got a hedonistic dark side?"


Many who follow entertainment in Hollywood will have a tough time wrapping their head around you–

Deal with it. [x]

meet the flawless cast of game of thrones→ kit harington (jon snow)

"I was called Kit from day one, really, I only found out my name was Christopher when I was 11. I went to school, and I remember that you had to do these tests to find out what set you’re in—how clever you are. I put down ‘Kit Harington’ and they looked at me like I was completely stupid, and they said, ‘No, you’re Christopher Harington, I’m afraid.’"